About Biodot® Skin Thermometers

What are Biodots?

Structurally, Biodot® skin thermometers are small circles of micro-encapsulated liquid crystals of a thermal range, gauged to the variance of skin temperature. These remarkable space-age devices monitor skin temperature and change colors accordingly. When the person wearing the Biodot® skin thermometer is stressed or feels stressful, he or she can make an effort to calm down. Be sure to review our tips for reducing stress.

The Inventor

inventorIn the early 1970’s Robert Grabhorn created the first ever Biodot® skin thermometer. His original name for the product – Mood Mark. He quickly began working with leaders in the biofeedback and stress management industry. Soon the small encapsulated crystals became known as the Biodot. The family business has since produced over 100 million of the Biodot® skin thermometers which have been sold in over 40 countries throughout the world. Even though his remarkable mind and warm personality are gone, his family continues the business for him, providing Biodot® skin thermometers for thousands of customers every year.

Bidot Skin Thermometers Change Color to Indicate Your Current Stress Level